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Mechanical Garage and Car Repairs in Torre del Mar Málaga
 DannyCars garage and car repairs was born as a continuation of the initial company DannyCars Rent a Car, in order to offer our customers a complete service in regard to the automobile.​

Mecanical garage and car repairs in Torre del Mar


Among the services we offer are:

  • Quick car service
  • General maintenance: oils, filters, brake fluid, antifreeze ....
  • Brakes
  • Clutches
  • Timing belts
  • Dampers
  • Diagnosis
  • Pre-ITV

Also say that in every one of the repairs that we carry out a thorough inspection of the vehicle is carried out always carrying out a safety inspection, where points such as brakes, tire wear, vehicle low, etc. are analyzed.
That is why we continue to move towards the future with a goal of improvement, trying to provide a more complete and comprehensive service to our customers, adapting to the daily needs and providing a better quality service while maintaining the sustainability of our company, while it's growing up.​

General Mechanical Engineering

We perform all types of preventive maintenance and repair operations related to the general mechanics of the vehicle, engine, brakes, air conditioning, damping, steering, transmission systems (gearbox and clutch), etc.


We diagnose, maintain and repair the different electronic systems with which your vehicle is equipped, multiplexed networks, control units, airbag, air conditioning, belts with pretensioners, ABS, electronic stability control, electronic injections of petrol and diesel, ignition systems, etc. .


Our equipment, with the most modern tools and diagnostic devices, allows us to offer our clients the most complete and professional diagnostic service and integral repair for any of the vehicle's systems (engine, air conditioning, transmission, brakes, ...


Battery, alternator, lighting and lighting, monitoring and repair of electrical installation, interior electrical equipment, spark plugs, starter motor, etc.


Your vehicle must undergo periodic pre-defined checks. We carry out all the operations that your vehicle needs according to the standard of quality of the official services.

Fuel Injection

We diagnose, maintain and repair the different fuel injection systems, from the oldest to the latest generation ..


We perform all kinds of interventions on your vehicle's brake system, fluid replacement, brake pad replacement, brake imbalance repair, performance on ABS electronic system, ESP, etc.


We submit your vehicle to a full pre-review that will ensure you successfully pass the vehicle inspection MOT. We perform a thorough review of those points that are going to be examined in the technical inspection of vehicles in order that each one is in perfect condition.

Quick Mechanics

Replacement of engine oil, filters, shock absorbers, starter, alternator, battery, exhaust pipes, timing belt, overhauls, spark plugs, air conditioning load, wiper blades, air filter, pollen filter, brake pads, etc.

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