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Electric scooter rental · hire in Torre del Mar


You will be able to walk comfortably by pedestrians and small streets. Very light and safe, with great electrical autonomy that can also be recharged anywhere.
If you think that scooters are for children, it's time for you to try to climb on a Raycool Scooter a fun electric scooter with which you can enjoy the seafront or around the city without tiring a bit.
Similar to a small moped, this scooter offers you all the comfort of driving sitting without the need for helmet or special permission. You can see all of our municipality with little effort, as this original vehicle reaches speeds of up to 25 kilometers per hour.
Anyone can drive an Electric Scooter with simple initial instructions. What are you waiting to try it?
What does your reservation include ?:

  • RayCool electric scooter rental suitable for bike and sidewalk lanes.
  • Padlock.
  • Technical explanation.

Electric scooters


We offer rentals of electric scooters from the prestigious brand Raycool.


  • 1h                 15€
  • 2h                 20€
  • 3h                 23€
  • 4h                 25€
  • 8h                 30€
  • 1day             35€
  • 2 days          50€
  • 3 days          66€
  • 4 days          80€
  • 5 days          90€
  • 6 days          95€
  • 7 days        100€
  • Deposit:     100€

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